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Cracking Down on Crimes

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Integration of Resources, Aiming at Cracking Down Crimes Threatening the Society

To leverage prosecution performance and strengthen the capacity to fight crime, this Office has built a supervision team which consists of prosecutors, high ranked police officers and investigators, and officials in related Ministries. This team convenes regularly for reviewing relevant laws and regulations, examining previous investigation cases, and supervising separate subordinate organizations to fulfill their duties in fighting crime. Certain types of crimes are targeted with particular diligence in order to improve public safety and protect the public interest. These targeted crimes include crimes related to illegal narcotics, economic crimes, human trafficking, violations of intellectual property rights, and offenses endangering people's livelihood.

1. Curbing Narcotic Offenses

2. Barring Economic Crimes

3. Bashing IPR Violations

4. Fighting against Human Trafficking and Engaging in Protection for Women and Children

5. Striking Down Crimes Endangering Public Livelihood


*1. Curbing Narcotic Offenses
In coordination of the government policy of "Fight Drugs" , this Office is in a position to oversee systematically all the drug cases handled by District Prosecutors Offices. Selected prosecutors are assigned to keep in close contact with judicial police authorities, concentrate their efforts on drug investigation and prosecution, grasp the key points of the cases in real time, and track down the investigatory activities so as to work out an efficient prosecution against theses crimes. Furthermore, to enhance the function of all involved agencies in combating drug crimes, this Office is making every effort to seek cooperation with foreign countries, aiming at working together to track down international drug dealing organizations. To this end, collaborations are progressively strengthened with our foreign comrades in terms of overseas investigations.

*2. Barring Economic Crimes
The Economic Crimes Investigation Center was set up in July 1987 by this Office. An Advisory Coordination Committee was also formed with the objective of consolidating the various administrative resources from the Ministry of Finance, Economic Affairs, the Interior, and Foreign Affairs. The Commission addresses the issues of coordination so as to provide specific evaluation knowledge in different professional fields, with the help of the database for economic crime investigation, aiming at overcoming the obstacles encountered by prosecutors and investigators in dealing with critical economic crimes. Thanks to the mentioned resources, the Economic Crimes Investigation Center is able to assist District Prosecutors Offices in investigating those critical economic crimes and hence achieving solid results.

*3. Bashing IPR Violations
This Office has organized an inter-agency team which has been deliberating on various investigation measures against Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) violations. This Office also coordinates enforcement actions and assigns tasks in accordance with the policy of "Bar it from the very beginning". To implement this policy, all the customs agents, under the supervision of Directorate General of Customs, Ministry of Finance, are instructed to reinforce their import and export inspections for spotting any potential violations. Meanwhile, an Intellectual Property Rights Police Force was established with an exclusive purpose to crack down on IPR violations. Large storehouses for confiscated items have been built respectively in northern, central and southern Taiwan to store seized objects that are large in size or bulky in their volume.

*4. Fighting against Human Trafficking and Engaging in Protection for
Women and Children
With a view to providing efficient profection for women and children supported by effective management against human trafficking, the Supervision Task Force for the Prevention of Child and Juvenile Sex Transaction was established on January 22, 1996, followed by the Supervision Task Force for Women and Children Protection set up on July 1, 1999, and the Supervision Task Force against Human Trafficking established on January 1, 2007. A contact network was thus formed to associate non-government organizations and government agencies, such as police, education, social security, and public health agencies.

*5. Striking Down Crimes Endangering Public Livelihood
A Supervision Task Force to strike down criminal offenses endangering public livelihood was created in this Office for helping stop crimes that affect seriously the daily lives and security of the people. The task force is the result of combined efforts associating Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau, National Police Agency (Ministry of the Interior), Consumer Protection Commission, Council of Agriculture, Department of Commerce (Ministry of Economic Affairs), and Consumer's Foundation. Regular meetings are held to review the performance undertaken by the task forces with local District Prosecutors Offices. The meetings also play a role in exchanging investigation experiences among various law enforcement agencies.

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