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Important business measures of the department

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  • Last updated:2024-04-29
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一、Play the second instance procuratorial function:

In accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Justice and the "Key Points for Strengthening the Implementation of the Second Instance Prosecution Function", continue to strengthen the handling of the following tasks:

()Assign prosecutors to supervise the Kinmen and Lianjiang District Prosecutors' Offices within the jurisdiction of the lawsuit, and provide guidance and assessment on whether the case is delayed, handled improperly, or whether there are any other mistakes, etc. And go to the department for review.

()Establish a steering group to supervise and coordinate and support the procuratorates in the jurisdiction to handle major criminal cases in order to improve their performance.

()For key tasks such as investigation of election bribery, corruption and drug suppression, destruction of national territory, intellectual property rights, protection of women and children, child trafficking, human trafficking, and criminalization of the disabled, the prosecutors are assigned to supervise or attend the executive team meetings of the local prosecutors' offices respectively.

()Regularly assign prosecutors to the Kinmen and Lianjiang District Prosecutors' Offices within the jurisdiction to conduct business inspections. In addition to reviewing business issues that should be changed, they also study legal issues, so as to exchange case-handling experience, communicate legal opinions, and inherit case-handling experience. Improve case handling performance.

()In order to promote the communication of opinions within the agency, play a team case-handling spirit, and enhance the procuratorial function, in addition to holding regular executive meetings, the procuratorial business communicates with the procurator from time to time to discuss and exchange opinions, so as to build consensus and solidarity.

()The details are to review the inspection cases handled by the procuratorates in the jurisdiction. If any omissions or criminal suspicions are found, they will be sent to the procuratorates for re-investigation.

()According to the "Prosecutorial Office's Complaint Removal Plan", a liaison window will be set up, and the prosecutor will act as the liaison person to supervise, integrate or assist the procuratorates in the jurisdiction to effectively implement the grievance removal plan.

()In order to protect the victims of sexual assault crimes, the procuratorates are dispatched to review and supervise on the spot to ensure the safety of the victims' data and avoid the need for confidentiality. on the second injury.

第9屆立委補選金門縣選情分析會議二、Continue to strengthen the handling of automatic reporting:

Prosecutors, on behalf of state officials, pick up rape and commit crimes and prosecute crimes. Therefore, in addition to urging prosecutors to review the case files, as well as the content of people's reports or reports, and analyze them in detail, they also find criminal facts that have not been investigated and prosecuted in the case. Or suspects or news reports in newspapers and magazines find criminal suspects or incidents, and the case will be signed for active investigation or sent to the local procuratorate for investigation according to law.

三、Strengthen and improve the quality of case handling:

Handling reconsideration cases and appealing the third instance is an important task for the second instance procuratorate.

()In the case of reconsideration, the result of the reconsideration, whether the punishment is dismissed or sent back for further investigation, not only concerns the rights and interests of the parties, but also affects the workload of the first-instance prosecutor. Therefore, for the reconsideration cases, the documents are reviewed in detail, and the reasons for the reconsideration rejection and repatriation are detailed. It also urged and encouraged the prosecutors of this department to investigate reconsideration cases, and those suitable for self-investigation, should try their best to investigate by themselves, so as to reduce the number of remands and be convinced, so as to avoid litigation and save litigation resources.

()The third-instance appeal part actively handles the review of wrongful judgments in the second-instance trial. For the judgments that violate the laws and regulations, the reasons are discussed in detail, and when necessary, the first-instance prosecutors are contacted to provide opinions and decide whether to file a third-instance appeal or an extraordinary appeal. for the proper application of the law.

四、Improve case handling speed:

In addition to supervising that prosecutors should properly handle all types of cases, the department also requires that cases should be closed as soon as possible. The examiners also remind prosecutors of the time limit for handling cases to improve case handling performance.

五、Implement the new system of criminal prosecution through the presence of prosecutors in court:


After the implementation of the new system of the Criminal Procedure Law on September 1, 1992, the cross-examination between the law of evidence and court activities, which is the key point of its revision, is the soul and focus of criminal proceedings. All sessions must be present. Although there is only one prosecutor in this department, we can still show the spirit of indifference, seriously attend the court, and often submit a statement of complaint when appearing in court to strengthen the reasons for public prosecution, or apply for the investigation of relevant evidence in court, and perform duties strictly , to implement the new system of public prosecution in court.

六、Continue to pay attention to the quality of official documents and maintain the image of the agency:

The relevant business and administrative documents of the Department are in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Justice, and the relevant competent authorities are ordered to review the manuscripts in detail, and formulate relevant correction procedures, so as to avoid losing their original meaning and affecting the image of the agency.

七、Drive business computerization:

()In response to the goal of supporting the operation of the prosecutor's case-handling system and office automation in the second instance, the Department is committed to computerization of business and data integration to reduce workload and improve work efficiency and quality. The concept of peer information security, in order to efficiently conduct business operations in a safe environment. In addition, it actively promotes and implements the computerization of various businesses, requires colleagues to participate in the education and training of various business systems, and cooperates with the update of the business system to continuously revise the most suitable and effective system.

()The systems currently being promoted and operated by this department include: online document signing and electronic document exchange system, second-instance case management (case handling) system, prosecutor's book production and retrieval system, investigation record system and investigation court digital audio and video centralized management system, Form sign-off process automation system, personnel management system, salary management system, government annual accounting information management system, etc., and cooperate with the Legal Department to promote various external link single-window query operation systems that assist prosecutors in handling cases.

()In addition to successively promoting the revision of various systems in order to better meet the needs of the operation, the internal website or e-mail will be used to announce the instructions or to-do matters of the superiors, which can save paper and quickly convey the information to all colleagues. Require. Its purpose is to achieve data integration, accuracy, completeness and security, so as to reduce the time of document processing and improve the efficiency of public affairs.

八、Strengthen the work of serving the people:

Attaches great importance to the work of serving the people. In addition to actively promoting various services for the people, it also sets up a single service window and assigns personnel with good academic experience and enthusiasm to be responsible for sending and receiving pleadings, guiding litigation and counseling, and setting up victims of major crimes. Appeal window to facilitate their appeals and strengthen the protection of their rights and interests. For the litigants who come to the department to seek services, they are always on hand, and upon request, they can provide various criminal petitions and drafts for free at any time, with detailed explanation and guidance. In addition, an electronic mailbox is set up to facilitate the public to use the computer network to inquire and respond to opinions, which has been well received by the public.

九、Maintain good morals in political work:

()Correct procuratorial conduct: According to the details of the “Procuratorial Organs Strengthening Ethics and Discipline Investigation Plan” issued by the Ministry, the supervisors will understand the irregularities of their colleagues’ daily performance in official life, and report them to the Chief Prosecutor at any time for appropriate handling. In addition, it is the responsibility of the Political Ethics Office to implement the agency's preventive management mechanism, and through internal control audits, timely grasp and report potential abnormal problems, prevent opportunities, and play an anti-corruption function.

()Strengthening security maintenance: In accordance with the Ministry's "Strengthening the Protection of Judicial Officers' Security Plan", coordinate the hospital inspection to continuously review the overall measures of the Judiciary Building and the safety of the dormitory, and coordinate the police to strengthen the security inspection of the chief prosecutor and the prosecutor's dormitory to maintain the safety of judicial personnel.

()Promote anti-corruption propaganda: Cooperate with the promotion of higher-level education on the rule of law, and include relevant anti-corruption propaganda. In addition to building internal colleagues to become the government's leading guards of clean government, the external public can continue to be baptized through anti-corruption education. The trend is to give full play to the majority to supervise the minority, so as to reduce the possibility of civil servants taking bribes, thereby improving the government's integrity indicators.

十、Handling the review of the job evaluation of prosecutors:

In order to enhance the image of prosecutors, speed up judicial reform, and in response to the reforms after the Law on Judges was enacted, the Ministry of Legal Affairs promulgated the "Measures for the Evaluation of Prosecutors' Jobs" to handle the review of prosecutors' job evaluations, and to handle the year-end evaluation of prosecutors. and other matters to be assessed.

十一、Strengthen the function of the Crime Victims Compensation Review Committee:

The Office has set up a crime victim compensation review committee to handle criminal victim compensation review cases. The chairman is concurrently held by the chief prosecutor, and selected prosecutors and social professionals are the members. Review the case. And supervise and review the decisions of the crime victim compensation review committees of the procuratorates in the jurisdiction, and whether the protection operations for compensation claims and sexual assault cases are appropriate to ensure the rights and interests of victims and safeguard justice.

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