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Impartiality , Objectivity and

Pursuit of truth and social justice


  • History

      This Office was established on November 6,1951 with initial name of Xiamen Branch, Fuchien High Prosecutors Office.On July 1,1990, the name of our office was changed to Kinmen Branch, Fuchien High Prosecutors Office. Our office has two subordinates as Fuchien Kinmen and Lienchiang District Prosecutors Office, covering the regions of Kinmen County and Lienchiang County.  



  • How to apply withdrawal of the reconsideraton of th ruling?
    Complainants planning to withdraw the applied reconsideration of the ruling may submit the writtern motion to the prosecutor in the prosecutor's office to express their intention to withdraw the renegotiable case prior to the closure of the reconsideration of the ruling.
  • How to apply for summoning witnesses or expert witness to court?
    For their own interests or case investigation, complainants or defendants may submit their written motion stating the case number, section number, name, age and domicile of the witness or exper witness and the items awaiting to be testified, to the prosecutor after the case has been accepted and prior to it being closed, or use verbal statement with written records in the investigation at a court opened by the prosecutor.
  • Where can I seek consultation about legal issues that I do not understand?
    The bar associations and civil legal aid center island wide have exclusive personnel to assist you, or you may consult with the public service center of the court of first and second instances (the prosecutors office).
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