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In accordance with the Court Organization Law and the regulations of the Higher Prosecutor's Office and its procuratorial sub-offices, the Office has one chief prosecutor and one prosecutor each, as well as a secretariat, personnel office, accounting office, political style, documents, research and examination, general affairs, Information and other departments.


二、internal unit

According to the Court Organization Law and the regulations of the High Court and its branch procuratorate's office, the internal units of this office are listed in the table below.:

Chief Prosecutor

Manage the business of the department


Handle the procuratorial affairs of the second instance prosecutor and other matters assigned by the superior

Clerk Division

Chief Secretary

The Registrar shall be appointed to handle the administrative affairs of each department under the order of the Chief Prosecutor.

Records Section


The production of originals, transcripts, and other books such as division, disposition or defense, and the announcement of the results, delivery and service of case files, organization and storage of case files and exhibits, and delivery or filing of finalized case files, etc.

Enforcement Section


Second-instance criminal case adjudication issuance and enforcement business

Documentation Section

Documentation Section

Documentation management

Legal Department

Legislation layer transfer, regulatory notification

Mail Room

Statistics on receipt, issuance, registration, and official document timeliness

General Affairs Section

General Affairs Officer

general affairs

property administration

property administration



Research and Evaluation Section

section 1

Regarding the handling and supervision of research and development business, the preparation and review of annual work plans, the preparation of management plans or cases, evaluation, counseling, tracking control and internal control matters, etc.

section 2

Research and examination regulations, advertising, gender equality, publication operations, business inspection, and official document time limit control, etc.

Information Management Office

System analysis, planning and design, programming, computer network operation management, information business research and development, and education and training related to computer processing of data



Service Center

peoplel service work and litigation counseling

Personnel Office

Appointment and dismissal, relocation, examination distribution, organization establishment, job affiliation, review submission, personnel information business, data registration, rewards and punishments, duty management, retirement pensions, training and further education, personnel management, public security welfare mutual assistance, treatment, Performance appraisal, comprehensive business, etc.

Accounting Office


Budget (approximate) accounts, final accounts, on-site inspections, internal audits of the procuratorial organs affiliated to the agency, and procurement supervision offices, etc., the agency's budget operations, property control, etc.


Procuratorial business statistics and reporting matters

Civil Service Ethics Office

Political style business, agency security, confidential maintenance, general business


三、Contact Information

The contact numbers of each unit of the Records Division of the Department are as follows:

switchboard:082-324581    fax:082-324580

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