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Public Services

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  • Last updated:2024-04-29
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The Office has deployed a Public Service Center. The Single Public Service Window on the ground floor of the Judicial Building is established. Well-performed staff is stationed to handle affairs, such as receiving documents and complaints, providing litigation counseling, receiving applications from the public, receiving complaints from victim of felonies, and receiving corruption reports.

Complaint Window for Felony Victims 
suffered from felonies, please report to our "Complaint Window for Felony Victims" as soon as possible. We will respond to your inquiries immediately.

ADDRESSNo.174 Minchuan Road, Kincheng, Kinmen County, Taiwan, ROC



Email Address:kmhmail@mail.moj.gov.tw

  • Service Hours
    08:00 AM - 17:30 PM (except official holidays)
  • Service Object
    • General public
    • Parties of prosecution and their relatives (request upon individual basis, personal ID required)
  • Service Counter

    • Documents and Complaints Counter
      receiving submissions from parties and mails
    • Litigation Counseling Counter
      • Responding to inquiries on criminal procedure (including applications for appeals by prosecutors);
      • Assisting parties or interested persons in understanding the proceedings;
      • Assisting victims with victim compensation applications;
      • Assisting in voluntary surrenders and the use of accusation bell;
      • Assisting in affairs of attendance, submissions, appointments and deferments;
      • Assisting in the release on bail, committing the custody of the accused, and applications for dismissal of detention, circular orders, and the custom entrance/exit control;
      • Assisting in payments of criminal bail or fines;
      • Assisting in the applications for suspension or deferment of execution, conversion of imprisonment into fine, installments of a fine, conversion to labor penalty;
      • Assisting in obtaining bail refunds, object evidence, grants of witness and expert witness traveling expenses;
      • Assisting in obtaining original prosecution papers, closing certificates, and other documents that should be served or returned;
      • Responding to the progresses of the review of a decision, investigation, and other cases;
      • Providing complimentary services of preparing and amending routine applications without reasoning;
      • Assisting in the matters of legal aids for the public. For any specific legal inquiries, please contact the bar association dealing with the public legal aids;
      • Providing complimentary templates of legal documents, application forms, and victim compensation applications.

 Public Service Flow Chart 

  • Convenient verbal complaints to the public
    1. Ring for complaints
    2. Fill in and submit complaint paper
    3. Be guided to investigative room
    4. Report for opening
  • Release on bail, committing the custody of the accused
    1. Contacting guarantor
    2. Directing release
    3. Submitting (requests) to the prosecutor for approval
    4. Release upon completion
  • Complimentary Lunch for the accused in detention
    1. Taking attendance
    2. Ordering meal
    3. Meal distribution
    4. Receipt submission for refunds
  • Flow Chart for the Grants of Witness and Expert Witness Traveling Expenses
    1. Attendance registration
    2. Interrogation and witness statement in investigative room
    3. Submission of permit to the registration desk for grants
  • Flow Chart of Applications for Reconsideration of the Rulings
    1. Application acceptance
      The prosecutor of the first instance submits the applications for reconsideration of the rulings and evidence to the Prosecution Office of the second instance.
    2. Application Review
      The prosecutor of the second instance reviews the applications for reconsideration of the rulings and undertakes necessary investigation.
    3. Decision rendering
      The Chief Prosecutor shall render the following dispositions as the decisions of review:
      • Objection upon insufficient grounds
        • For applications for reconsideration of the rulings filed by complainants:
          • For insufficient investigation, return for further investigation
          • For sufficient investigation, order the original prosecutor to initiate the prosecution
        • For applications for reconsideration of the rulings filed by the accused, revoke the original ruling
      • Approval upon sufficient grounds
      • For unlawful applications, notify for case closing
    4. Service of notification
      The clerk gathers the ruling documents, pronounces the summary of the closed case, notifies the applicant, produces and serves the original copy, and returns the documents and evidence.
  • Flow Chart for Applications for Appeals by Prosecutors in the Third Instance
    1. Application acceptance
      The accused or defendant of the original case applies for appeal to the prosecutor with written documents.
    2. Application review
      The prosecutor reviews the application and court documents.
    3. Review decision
      Decision rendering
      • With sufficient ground, the prosecutor shall prepare the petitions and file for appeal
      • With insufficient ground or exceeding the appeal period, notify the complainant with the non-appeal reasons
    4. File for the appeal
      File for the appeal to Taiwan High Court within the statutory period
      (10 days after the prosecutor receives the ruling)
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