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whistleblower pipeline

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  • Last updated:2024-04-29
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【Reporting channel】

Report corruption and lawlessness Tel: 082-322112 Fax: 082-372512

Special mailbox for reporting: Jinmen Postal Box No. 38


Email address: 4th Floor, No. 178, Minquan Road, Jincheng Town, Kinmen County

To report corruption and dereliction of duty by civil servants, one phone call will be kept confidential throughout the whole process. As long as the correct signature is verified and the court judges guilty, a maximum bonus of 10 million yuan will be awarded! To report corruption and dereliction of duty, please dial 0800-024-099, and the “I broke the news” incorruptibility report hotline of the Ministry of Justice: 02-23167586 toll-free hotline: 0800-286-586.

【Accept reports】

In the following cases, you can report or report to the Political Ethics Office of this Department:
1. Corrupt and illegal acts such as soliciting or accepting bribes by the staff of the Department in the performance of their duties.
2. The procurement cases of this agency involve bid rigging, bid binding, leakage of reserve price, false acceptance or other illegal activities.
3. The staff of this department took advantage of the opportunity in their positions to defraud property.
4. The staff of the Department accepts improper banquets or gifts.
5. Staff of this agency involved in inappropriate situations
6. Other matters related to corruption and lawlessness.
7. The various operational procedures of this department are prone to incur drawbacks, and you have opinions on the revolution.

【Incentives for reporting corruption】

According to the "Measures for Rewarding and Protecting Reports of Corruption and Malpractice" issued by the Executive Yuan, for those who have been found guilty of corruption and malfeasance by the court, the government will issue a reporting bonus depending on the court's judgment, with a minimum amount of NT$300,000 and a maximum of NT$30,000. Ten million yuan, the standard is as follows:

     court decision             Prize Amount (NTD)

Fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 15 years, life imprisonment, or death penalty 6.7 million yuan to 10 million yuan
More than ten years but less than 15 years of fixed-term imprisonment More than 4 million yuan but less than 6.7 million yuan
More than seven years but less than ten years in prison More than 2.8 million yuan but less than 4 million yuan
More than five years but less than seven years of fixed-term imprisonment More than 2 million yuan but less than 2.8 million yuan
More than three years but less than five years of fixed-term imprisonment More than 1.4 million yuan but less than 2 million yuan
More than one year but less than three years of fixed-term imprisonment More than 800,000 yuan but less than 1.4 million yuan
Fixed-term imprisonment of less than one year, criminal detention, fine

After the first-instance court finds guilty, one-third of the reporting bonus shall be given, and the remaining bonus shall be given after the court's guilt is confirmed. Bonuses that have been issued will not be recovered unless the informant has made a false accusation and is determined by a judgment.

【Reporting Corruption Protections】


According to the "Measures for Rewarding and Protecting Reports of Corruption and Malpractice" promulgated by the Executive Yuan, the agencies accepting reports are obliged to keep the names, ages, domiciles or residences of the informants confidential. Unless absolutely necessary, the whistleblower's whistleblower's report, transcripts or other materials shall be kept separately and not attached to the investigation case file. If there is any disclosure of secrets, it shall be punished or punished in accordance with the criminal law and other regulations.

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