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  • In early 1989, in order to strengthen the rehabilitation protection plan and make the rehabilitation protection system more complete, the Ministry of Justice instructed the Fujian High Court Kinmen Branch Procuratorate (formerly known as the Fujian High Procuratorate Kinmen Procuratorate) and the Fujian Kinmen District Court Procuratorate (Fujian Kinmen District Procuratorate). It took eight months to jointly study and prepare for the establishment of the Fujian Rehabilitation Protection Association, with a view to developing the rehabilitation protection cause within its jurisdiction. After eight months, the Association was finally formally established on November 11, 1989 (Rehabilitation Protection Festival), under the command and supervision of the Ministry of Legal Affairs. Handle rehabilitation protection business.



On November 11, 1989, the founding meeting of Fujian AFTER-CARE ASSOCIATION

  • After the establishment of the Association on November 11, 1989, it purchased from the Kinmen County Government for NT$1.8 million, which are located in the North 2, San Hua Zi No. No. (after the re-measurement of the land in 1993, it was changed to No. 0057-0000, Renai Section, Jinning Township) The land is 8 acres and the above-ground building No. Fill the meeting and activity venues of the Association. It is suitable for the planning of Jinning Community in this lot. It is currently in the process of land subdivision, and the ownership certificate and payment will be obtained in 1990.


The third anniversary celebration meeting of Fujian AFTER-CARE ASSOCIATION (Fujian-style bungalow)

  • The Taipei Office was established on January 15, 1990 in the Taipei Office of the Prosecutor's Office of the Kinmen Branch of the Fujian High Court (formerly known as the Kinmen Procuratorate of the Fujian High Procuratorate). On December 26, 2003, the fifth meeting of the third board of directors proposed to amend the donations and the articles of association and abolish it.


  • On February 15, 1990, the Lianjiang Office was established, and the staff of the District Procuratorate also handled conference affairs.


  • On October 31, 1992, the contract was awarded to the main building of the AFTER-CARE Building (Jinning Township, Renai Section 00004-000), the construction started on November 16, 1983, and the acceptance was completed on January 14, 1994. December 21, 1994 The cable undergroundization project of Renai Community was completed and officially unveiled on February 18, 1995.


The Minister of Justice inspected the construction of the AFTER-CARE Building



  • In May 2014, the office of the Association moved to Jincheng Town Service (No. 174 Minquan Road). The new site is located in the administrative and commercial center of Kinmen, with convenient transportation (near Jincheng Bus Terminal) and a lot of people. Facilitate rehabilitated persons to negotiate public affairs and take office in a comprehensive manner.


  • The Association will further take advantage of the location of the Jincheng office to set up a rehabilitated product display and delivery office to promote rehabilitated products. The Jinmen Prosecutorial Branch of the Fujian Higher Procuratorate will provide the venue, and the full-time personnel of the Fujian Rehabilitation Protection Association will be responsible for management, facility planning and utilization, and support Water and electricity and take care of daily affairs. The main purpose of the establishment of this place is not only to create a new path and provide a high-quality exhibition place for the regenerators of high-quality products, but also to display the cultural and creative products that the regenerators started their own businesses after they were released from prison. After precipitating their thoughts and accepting education, most of them have the determination to change for the better, and they also have expectations for a new start in the future. Regenerators also express a sense of accomplishment that their products are so popular in the society, which improves their confidence in returning to society, develops the habit of industriousness, cultivates the spirit of division of labor and cooperation, and improves their society. Image helps a lot.






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