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Qualifications for After-Care Participants

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  • Last updated:2024-04-29
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According to Article 2 of the Rehabilitation Protection Act, the following individuals may be protected (hereinafter referred to as the rehabilitated):

  • (1)The prisoner released from prison after serving the full term of a sentence or absolved;
  • (2)The prisoner released on parole, on bail, or on bail for medical treatment;
  • (3)The prisoner released after serving the full term of correctional punishment, or being absolved from the correctional punishment;
  • (4)The juvenile delinquent who has served the full term at the reformatory;
  • (5)The defendant exempted from prosecution under Article 253 of the Code of Criminal Procedure or Article 147 of the Military Trial Law;
  • (6)The defendant exempted from punishment or from service;
  • (7)The defendant whose sentence has been suspended;
  • (8)The defendant to whom the imprisonment has been suspended or the prisons have rejected;
  • (9)The juvenile serving juvenile probation service;
  • (10)The juvenile under protective restraint.
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