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Shuitou Shuitou in Jinchen Town is a community inhabited mostly by the Huang clan. In addition to agriculture and fishery, the villagers also engage in business on the sea. The highlights of Shuitou are the Youtang Villa and the 18-house complex of the Huang clan. The Youtang Villa, a second-class national historical relic, was built by wealthy merchants Huang Jun-jian in the 31st year of the Qian-lung reign. The villa was originally used as a private study place. Commander-in-Chief Hu Lian had used it as a newspaper printing and publishing house. It is full of bookish atmosphere. The 18-house complex of the Huang clan, constructed during the Qian-lung reign, has been the earliest as a joint-project architecture in Kinmen. The complex is characterized by its lower gates and walls, wide roofs, smooth and flat stone plates in the yards, and alleys between houses leading to narrow passes. It is simple and splendid in style. The construction of the Jinshui Elementary School in 1931at the sponsorship of overseas Shuitou natives marked the beginning of new-style school architecture in Kinmen. During the Japanese occupation, the school had served as a wartime makeshift hospital. Later it was transformed into an elementary school.
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