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Qiu Liang-gung’s Mother Chastity Arch

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Qiu Liang-gung’s Mother Chastity Arch Qiu Liang-gung was a native of Houpu in Kinmen. On the 35th day of his birth, his father passed away. His mother nee Xu in her late twenties aspired to maintain her chastity in hardship to raise her two children to grown-ups. She passed away in the second year of the Jia-qing reign of the Qing dynasty, with 28 years of widowhood. Qiu Liang-gung grew up and joined the army. He was brave, strong and skillful as a warrior, winning battles one after another. Following his promotion as general-in-chief of Zhewjian in the 14th year of the Jia-qing reigns, he proposed to honor his mother. Upon approval of the proposal, the emperor granted his mother the title of First-class Lady and had an arch erected to mark her contribution and
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